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Tantric Massage course;
When was the last time you received conscious, loving & touch that has no goal but just the pure joy of touching you?
The benefit of conscious and loving touch is a scientifically proven fact.

We as human being are wired to receive and give touch on regular basis however daily task list and routine life leaves almost no time and energy to fulfill this deep need that keeps us discontent no matter how much we succeed in outside life.
This is as if you have a cup inside of you which needs to be filled with loving touch. Each day giving your energy to your job, family, society and friends without having to receive nourishing touch leave this cup empty. If this situation prolong for more than a week, most of us starts to feel a certain emotional unhappiness without being aware of it. After a few weeks it turns into resentment, sadness or even depression. How about learning to give and receive loving touch which is not having any goal or agenda? Touch which not only fulfills you but also heal and harmonizes your body, mind , heart and soul?
Come and join us on this weekend where you will learn how to give and receive a Kashmiri Tantra Massage.
Kashmiri Tantra massage, A soft, sensual massage ritual from the north India tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism. It unites masculine,, feminine, inner child and the Buddha within (your godliness) by positioning the receiver in a way that enables them to get in deep contact with these 4 energies.. This is done in a safe and grounded way so whatever healing needs to happen starts happening without the giver’s having a goal to heal the receiver. The whole body gets touched in a sensual way, without focusing at any body part in particular.
During this course you will experience tantric meditations, tool to clearly communicate needs and boundaries, circulating energy throughout whole body and step by step guidance and hands on experience of giving and receiving Kashmiri Tantra Massage.
What will you experience during this course:
Tantric meditation to open up your kundalini and chakra system.
Tools to draw clear and playful boundaries while giving and receiving touch.
2 full body Kashmiri tantra massage exchange (giving and receiving).
Unique tantric ritual to honor Shiva-Shakti within you and your partner
Strengthening your container to give and receive pleasure
Awakening of your senses through tantric meditations
Full body energy flow through emotional release and breath work.
Kashmiri massage is given on the naked body while giver keeps underwear on. There will be no contact to genitals what so ever.
You don’t have to be an experienced tantric practitioner however prior experience of tantra workshops is needed.
This workshop is open for singles and couples,. We respect intimacy between couples and will lever ask you to do any meditation with anyone else unless you both mutually decide between yourself. You will always be in charge of level of intimacy you would like to share with others.
Starting Friday at 18.00
finishing Sunday 16.00
Exchange ; 495,- including Soulfood and spirited accommodation.
Sign in at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
About Swami Anahata;
Eastern Mysticism Meets
Western Science
Anahata’s teachings fuse Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research on the subjects of Sex, Love and Relationship.
Raw & Wild Childhood
I was born in a village in India without television, cars, or any gadgets. My mother was uneducated and my father left me when I was seven. I was essentially nurtured by nature. This upbringing formed me into a raw, wild, and sensitive child.
Life in the Corporate World
After completing my education, I spent the next 12 years working as an IT expert in several top companies. However, despite my outward image of success, I felt my life was meaningless. I weighed 86 kg and was depressed. I finally left corporate life and began my search for love and meaning.
Birth of Osho Sannysin
Through my searching, I found my Master, Osho, in Pune, India, and became a Sannyasin (one who is not attached to the past). I lived in Osho’s community for 8 years with people of more than 120 nationalities. These years were like a rebirth for me. It was as if, each day, I was creating myself in a new reality as the old one no longer fit with my core desires.
The Tantra Teacher
I left everything and devoted the next 10 years of my life to absorbing the essence of Tantra. My deep surrender to this path inspired others and attracted people who wished to learn. Responding to this, I began to teach.
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