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Sweatlodge Ceremony

For more then 20 years Michaela has been running sweatlodge ceremonies. If you wish to book a ceremony with your own group and purpose you can contact me and I run it with love and passion.


The sweatlodge ceremony is an ancient old purification ritual within many indiginous cultures. The most well known is maybe the ones from the North American Indians.

The sweatlodge tradition that I share is based on the Chippewa-Cree tradition, been passed on to me by the Native Elder Ron Evans, and has been experienced as a warm blanket.


Feel embraced in the sweatlodge

Sacred space

Time for healing, prayer, blessings, songs, giving thanks

Where the stones are our Grandfather and the water Grandmother

They who come together in their sacred love making

To embrace us in the healing steam

The smell of for ever green

Welcome in the Circle

A sweatlodge day

We will gather around 11.00 with a cup of tea or water and some knibbels, till we are ready to gather in the ceremony room, to meet and introduce and prapare us to enter that sacred space. We will then go outside build up the sweatlodge and fire place, the firekeeper then will light the fire.

Once the fire is lit we prepare the dinning room for the feast meal afterward and when finished go into a meditative state to prepare for entering the lodge, make connection with the sacred fire until the grandpa’s will call us to come in.

4 rounds

The sweatlodge consists of four rounds, in between the rounds you can go out to get some fresh air if you wish. The ceremony is there to help you to melt, not to suffer. The warmth will help you in the process of melting and letting go of what no longer serves you. You can ask for healing, changes in your life that you wish in order to become more whole.

As well give thanks for all that you receive. You can sing from the heart, become one with all, to enter the world reborn.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony you can stay outside and relax cool down and refresh with the waters of live, then go inside and have a shower if you wish. Honor the new and enjoy a good feastmeal of what has been brought in by all. Then its time for the mighty dish washing ceremony, clean all up and leave… Until we meet again.

If you wish to stay extra nights before or after the ceremony these can be booked at


Check our agenda for upcoming ceremonies.

Michaela van der Meer, founder of Kura Waka.
or call: 0596-516888 or  06-27561065

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