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Pepe Mendoza Loli

A native gypsy from South America, Peru

He's a musical traveler, teacher, composer, artist and storyteller who tries to cast a curative spell on the world through his shamanic art and hunting mix of wind instruments, shakers and drums. Pepe, a original Quechua native from Amazonian Peru, has been on a mission to inspire harmony between man and nature since he started performing. A teacher of indigenous ways and a master practitioner of the healing and revitalizing power of music. "All music is spiritual" he says, it makes people happy to understand the beauty, from saving his beloved rainforest to nourishing the soul.

Pepe believes his music makes a spiritual impact that could make Mother Earth a better place to live.This artist-musician has released a series of albums, bringing to life through music the abstract pleasures he enjoys. This music is like a colourful flower and this life is colourful, he says... "we need art to open our flower so we can see the colour." He sings about the flowers, the elements, to the healers and plants used for healing. The magic is coming from the type of melodies. The pan flute and the Arco are ancient instruments that are special for healing used in the Amazon Pepe performs at gatherings, ceremonies of all kinds, he performs alone, with gypsy bands, south American traditional groups and with world music ensembles. He conducts the ancient along-side the contemporary the north with the south.

Pepe Mendoza playing pan flute
Pepe playing flute
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