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3. - 5 May 2024

Bulgan Windhorse Wisdom Keeper will come back to Kura Waka to share a weekend with teaching, rituals, maintaining a healthy emotional, and mental state in daily life for those who feel the Call.

"Bear" training:

Bear ritual, How to stand on your 2 feet without hurting yourself and your loved ones. Here and Now. hurting & Love energy, choice & decision, grounding & responsibility, confidence § compassion, love and protection. Opening the heart again, start trusting yourself and others.

"Owl" training (precise awareness):

Synchronized linage = willing to change or willing to be aware. Transformation takes place through "Self" realization.

Exchange Retreat: 333,33

2 and 6 May you can book private consultations with Bulgan.

Exchange Session: 111,11

You can buy your ticket here.

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