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The Roof Project is Manifested

Dear All,
Life is amazing in all it deep layers of being.

I feel blessed and it is a great honor to receive so much support.

Deep lessons in unconditional love and compassion and learning to receive what i prayed for. I am deeply touched, falling apart in what i once thought was me.

Into what ever will come in the hands of the great divine.

I can share with my deepest gratitude that 2 of my dreams have come in to manifestation.

Kura Waka in the snow

By Jerome a young man who came to Kura Waka for the second time in his life, asking me if he could stay here cause his mother had kicked him out the house...

Yes off course i respond, if you think you can handle it to be here in the nothingness when there are no groups, facing yourself.

A few days later he comes to me and tells me: "i want to change my life and help you with your roof project..."

My grandmother left me money i want to borrow what ever you need to fix the roof!

Hallelujah it took me 10 days...

Feeling guilty...

Like oh no that i can not receive.

He is a young man and needs to live from this money...

Till i woke up and spirit telling me listen you prayed for this.

We send you an angel and you are not willing to receive...?!

And so here we are the money left that was needed for the roof 14.000,-  is transferred to the roof account.

Divine grace

We are willingly waiting for the materials and will start the renewing with the first spring sun rays in April xxx anyone that wishes to support this project is very welcome.

As well we still receive your donations with love on the following account;

Kura Waka Sacred House of Learning
Iban: NL54TRIO 0198386958

So the money can be payed back to Jerome as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your love, trust and support.

Send us a email if you wish to join as a volunteer to

We will provide a good working atmosphere as well food and stay in return.

As well a lot of money is needed 36.000 euro just for the materials and in total 57.810,- for the whole project.

Thanks so much for your loving support we will receive it with love, and use it with respect in order to make Kura Waka an even better place to come together!

You can have a look at the pictures from roof project here.

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