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Garden & Art Project

Te Wenua: Garden of miracles

Garden and art project

This project will be a co-creation of Michaela van der Meer and other spirited helpers. We wish to transform the garden and create an new outdoor atelier.

Projectplan: Te Whenua, Garden of Miracles

We wish to prepare a learning place of inspiration, a meditation garden, a herbal as well as vegatable garden, a atelier and exposition space. The designs are made by Michaela van der Meer and Marco Bustamante Cayo. The project will be arranged in co-creation with Ap Hevinga (Spijko Timmerwerken), Max, Ken and Sterre (ecological, permaculturists), Alberto Arrayo (artist) and Peter van der Leest (hand and span diensten), as well with schools, education center and the team of volenteers of Mas con Menos.

Since the indoor center is ready there is a disbalance between inside and outside. After the earthquakes and negative publicity a center as this is needed in order to regain faith and balance. The project will expand the cultural possibilities in the North of Groningen, so the whole region can profit from it. Everybody with an open mind and intrested in personal development and conciuousness can join.

Expected costs:

Outdoor atelier:                           29.245,70

Garden, pathways and mozaik:  12.000,00

Cement, sand, stones and split: 11.932,60

Solar panels 12 times:                 4.809,75

We are willingly waiting for the income to get the materials and will start the renewing with the first spring sunrayes in March. Anyone who wishes to support this project is very welcome.

As well we receive your donations with love on the following account;

Kura Waka Sacred House of Learning
Iban; NL54TRIO 0198386958

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