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27. - 29. September 2024

During this retreat you will get the opportunity to connect with the plant kingdom and work with your Sacred Soul.
We a safe space for the Spirits to come, and for us to dive deep into ourselves and other realms. In order to pray, to become more conscious, to learn, to listen, surrender, heal to Feel, Be.

During this retreat we also will share breath work and dance beyond.

In the Ecstatic Medicine wave we will be guided by Tribal Musik with Traditional Icaros that will integrate into the experience. The Dance Waves will work on a deep vibrational level and the music will provide the opportunity to release emotions and feelings in an safe environment. The free expression of everything is our key to freedom. We will have electronic music and many other sounds to lead us into ecstasy and bliss in this dance. Frequencys will be working for your energetic cleaning while dancing and the Dance is also guided by Dj Jari Ge who knows the way to reach the best experience in the dance. In this dance we prepare for the medicine weekend by activating our body, so there can be even deeper connectionand healing in the Weekend. Namaste. DJ Jari Ge-Tri
Breathwork and ecstatic Dance by DJ JariGe.

Exchange: €444,44 including 2 Ceremonies, Ecstatic Medicine Wave and Breathwork, spirited stay and organic bliss meals.
You can get your ticket here.

More info or if you wish to sign in:

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