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Since 1997 We started to transform the old school building to where we are now

Thanks through your donations we can keep working and evaluate the center. Most of the rooms have been insulated and been adobed by Michaela and many volunteers and friends of Kura Waka. We have been working with ecological materials. The amazing roof project has been finished off in 2015, where many helping hands worked on insulating the roof and creating a new Atelier.

Right now we are working on Te whenua Garden and Art project to transform the garden.

We started building the treehouse and wish to build an outdoor Atelier.

Donations are very welcome! And will be used to create a better place for all.
You can put donations at the following account of Kura Waka foundation: NL 54 TRIO 0198386958. Or buy some amazing spirited art.

Drawing and fire

Fire Installation:

Dear All,

At this time the government wants me to get Kura Waka fire proof safe for your stay...

Costs of this professional installation; 11.690,- euro excluding tax

               leges       370,-

               and the drawing      575,-


Of course i love to create a safer place for all of you, but this amount of money i do not have yet..... In order to make teamwork and manifest this dreamwork you can make donations at;


st. Kura Waka Sacred House of Learning
Iban; NL54TRIO 0198386958

To be received in love and make Kura Waka a safe place for you all.

The first donations are already in... we already received 1.980,-

The drawing has been made, and the emergency exit sign has been put up so we are making progress in co creation!

Thank you all for your support and enjoy... your next stay in fireproof super safe Kura Waka.

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