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Maori Healing & Bodywork Training Level 3

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6. - 13. April 2024

Extremely grateful to share the news that Maori Ruatau, and Hana May Liv from Aotearoa are coming back to Kura Waka to share Traditional Romiromi Mirimiri healing Bodywork Courses!

From the Tuupuna maatua the ancients, began the healing practices that have flourished over the miliniums and these ideologies have been past down as living tools through tribal knowledge, to family knowledge some are closer to the sea others inland, and those in forests, on mountains, why the knowledge changes and so too do the roles.

Where deep tissue bodywork is required romiromi is activated. To Romi is To work (internals; organs,blood,tissue,muscles etc.) Mi is to stimulate te Ha (Breath) within the body to move the obstacles created. Both of these modalities are symbiotic, they live and play hand in hand. He aha Te Rongomau – What is Healing When you are able to hear the universe sing their songs of pain, and hear your own recovery.

Miri Miri:
Miri Miri a context of healing that does not always involve touch. It’s perceptive in it’s delivery, intuitive, in it’s knowing and powerful when one allows it to permeate the body.
When you are able to hear the universe sing their songs of pain, and hear your own road to recovery. As you will all have already been in Waananga* before we will be flowing between taha wairua and the physical bodywork. We will delve deeper into the healing energies within Pāpatuanuku.

Using the vibrations and the emotive sounds that come through Pāpatuanuku and the Cosmic skin. Moving beyond a basic romiromi alignment and covering more specialised parts of the body and the physical, emotional and spiritual associations to injury and dis-ease.

​We will be delving into te reo - the energies and frequencies of vibration, you will learn how to harness and tap into energy and vibration to enhance your healing space and environment.

Environmental healing - tapping into and using the Mauri of the environment to help facilitate what you're trying to shift with your whaiora, so you are working in unison with the space and the land so you are not trying to create the energy yourself but assimilating to what nature offers.

Another kaupare will be shared along with tools of how to expand your own energy, for your own daily life or mahi - this way you are not depleting your own energy sources.

An emphasis on building stronger connection to your Whatumanawa to awaken and build stronger connection to Nga Atua, Tūpuna and yourself and shifting energies with your Whatumanawa.

During this waananga we will go on a physical and metaphysical journey together - be it deepening your practice as a kairomi/kaimiri/practitioner or your own inner healing journey.

​The philosophies are taught and translated in Te Reo Māori, English and Dutch. You do not need to have any prior understandings of the Māori language.

*To attend this waananga you would have at least completed our Level 1, as the minimum requirement.


Exchange: 1777,77

Ruatau Perez (Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāpuhi)
Privileged to have trained under Papa Joe for 10 years until his passing, Ruatau has been a Rongoaa practitioner and run wananga/workshops under Te Maurea both in Aotearoa and around the world since the year 2000. First introduced to mirimiri as a child by his grandmother and later training under Papa Joe, Ruatau continues to practice and share the art of our sacred healing traditions.

About Ruatau:
"It was an honour to have studied under Papas tutelage while he was alive and with my partner Hannah (Ngāpuhi) we continue to be guided by him through wairua/spirit. Weaving the threads between Papatūānuku and Ranginui, guided by the Whare Wananga Lore, Nga Atua/gods and our own Tūpuna/ancestors we are humbled to weave the ancient Māori philosophies into this modern ever changing world."​

You will be in a shared room, with shared bathroom facilities.

All kai will be provided over the four days, catered by the venue. This is included in the overall price. Dietary requirements can be catered for - please indicate your preferences in your registration.

Personal healing sessions can be booked from 28 March- 12 April. from 10.00 on.

A one off session, will uplift your energy and wairua. However for long term pain, illness and mamae a series of treatments may be required to shift and clear through the layers of trauma housed within your hinengaro/mind and Tinana/body.
Exchange 125,-

you can buy the ticket for your training here.

​For more information or sign in:

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