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Yoga, Meditation, Satsang & Mantras

Swachetan Dhyanam

Swachetan Dhyanam meditation techniques are a process of deep relaxation, stress reduction, stillness, inner peace, transforming self and opening the gateway of living a transcendental life with awareness.

The regular practice of Swachetan Dyanam I, II each 35 minutes, easily increase the physical, mental and spiritual well being. You get an inner joy that percolates into your daily life, not just while seated in meditation.

The technique is based on Raja yoga from ancient Vedic tradition. The various approaches are to practice the meditation and the ultimate goal is to experience complete oneness with the supreme consciousness.

Bhairava Dhayanam (meditation at workplace)

Bhairava Dhayanam is a 20 minute meditation technique provides deep relaxation, work-related stress reduction, peace of mind and, enhances your working life. It also increases productivity, ability to maintain attention, improve decision making and harmony in the work force. It is specialized for employees and managers and workers in all fields.

Satsanga (Literally: an assembly of truth)

During this Satsang, Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin, the spiritual master of India and young mystic, will transmit in his teachings a message of love and universal peace. Through his teaching Swami Sacchidanandaprem offers keys and methods to bring us closer to our true nature, to achieve serenity and inner peace. You will, of course, have the opportunity to ask all your questions to Swami who speaks perfect English.

Satyadev on the trampoline.
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