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25. May 2024

Thank you for Co creating this magical circle to Balm your Heart and Soul.

Feel embraced in the sweatlodge.....
Give yourself this gift, Sacred space, time for healing, prayers, blessings, songs, giving thanks and enjoy the silence.

Where the stones are our Grandfather and the Water our Grandmother.
They who come together in their sacred love making.
To embrace us in the healing steam
The smell of for ever green.

Welcome in the Circle...

You are also very welcome to arrive 24 May for the Cacao Sound Healing Bliss Journey, starting at 20.00 around the Sacred Fire of Kura Waka.

You can book your longings here.

You can book massage sessions by Michaela on Friday from 10.00 and Sunday until 20.00. Pay what you can € 65,- / 75,- for an hour of conscious Touch.

What to bring for the Sweat lodge:

A towel to sit on in the lodge if you wish,

A serape, or boxer short.

An object you wish to charge for on the Altar,

Some good organic food for the feast meal afterwards,

A towel to have a shower.

When: 24 May; cacao Sound healing Journey 20.00

25 May; Entering the lodge at 11.11
Cacao ~ Sound Healing Bliss Journey

We welcome you to balm your Soul around the Sacred Fire of Kura Waka.
Where the healing Godess of the Cacao will gently open your heart.
Giving space to release, and Flow with the blissful healing vibration waves of Sound.
This Provides an experience of relaxation, healing on cellular level. Rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. All you have to do is close your eyes, surrender and enjoy the Bliss wave by the Sacred Fire. A warm hearted Soundful welcome in the circle.

We are looking forward to co magic with those who feel the call. You are very welcome to share this mail and bring your sisters.

From 1999 on Michaela has been joining many courses and educations. She is a healer as well Vision Quest and Sweatlodge leader. Various indiginous medicine people have crossed her path, and shared their wisdom. Throughout this deep awakening she felt a deep longing and made the promise to Wai Turoa Morgan and Norma Panduro to keep the ceremonies alive, for the future generations. In the center Kura Waka she organises workshops with national and international teachers. She runs sweatlodges, Vision Quests and Deep Body Healing workshops at Kura Waka as well where invited.

"Nature is my greatest teacher." I live and manifest my dream in my center Kura Waka. In contact with my passion, and all the wisdom that i received from various indiginous medicine people, I love to share this wisdom.

If you have any questions feel free to mail at:
Or you can call Michaela at 0627561065.

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