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Cacao & Soundhealing, Singing

Cacao Sound Healing Bliss Journey:

We welcome you to balm your Heart and Soul around the Sacred Fire of Kura Waka. Where the healing Godess of the Cacao will gently open your heart if you allow her to.
Giving space to release, and Flow with the blissful healing vibration waves of Sound. This Provides an experience of relaxation, healing on cellular level. Rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. All you have to do is close your eyes surrender and enjoy the Bliss wave by the Sacred Fire.

A warm hearted Soundful welcome in the circle,
Yolande, Michaela

Sound healing:

This kind of work with sound is based on ancient knowledge about harmony and vibration. The shamans of older times already knew that sound has the power to dissolve blockades, deep seated emotions and pain. Here it is not about learning a technique. Here we work intuitive with voice. Where is your body, soul or emotion blocked? What does the soul need to come into a flow again? Here it is not about singing beautifully but about sounding and the impact of sound.

Singing workshops:

Singing, readjusts mood, feeds the soul, revitalizes the positive energies... This is a fantastic opportunity to follow a singing workshop. This song workshop offers vocal approach based on polyphony "Urban / Ethnic" It involves the coordination of movement and voice from poly-rhythmic exercises and vocal games. Anita Daulne has based her pedagogy on the concept of polyphony of the various ethnics and the voice mixing, Afro / European.

Her vocal work is rich in harmony and subtle melody, and It is based on ethnical polyphony from Africa and various part of the world (as pygmy, Masai, Zulu, Babudu...), as well as her own compositions.

The exploitation of vocal riches of the world, help us to open our vocal abilities, find our original identity and develop our creativity. It is a rewarding job, which requires no intellectual knowledge of music.

"If you know march you can dance, if you can talk you can sing"
(Zimbabwe Proverb)

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