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8. - 22. September 2024

By Meastra Soila and Michaela
we will only guide 6 Participants who allready have been in a Dieta before.

This is a heartfelt invitation to you, to spend time with your Self. To experience inner silence and rest. If you really dare to dive deep into yourself, in order to heal and understand more on every level. To release what is blocked by trauma, to reset your body, mind and spirit.

You will be guided in this profound powerful Diet with rituals to (re)connect with mother earth, the elements we breath and the sacred plant kingdom, sharing their wisdom in order to become one. So they can mangle their cells and lifeforce with yours.

You will be in silence and fasting under spirited guidance of Maestra Soila and Michaela.

We will welcome you on 8 Sept at 17.00.
We will start our journey with a sweatlodge. After that we will enter in Silence and the Diet with the palo maestro, we will stay in silence, be fasting and we will be receiving a flower bath every day.

On 13-14-15 Sept. 3 ceremonies will that will be followed by the silent diet with the palo meastro, in silence and fasting. To be continued by another 3 ceremonies on 20-21-22 Sept. We will close off and break the Silence on 24 Sept. with a ritual.

This Dieta is for those who feel the call to continue the pathway to learn, and study a new Palo Maestro, and have been dieting with us before.

We are looking forward to dive into deeper realms with those who feel the call to study themselves in Oneness with the Divine Plantkingdom with Love and Grace,

Michaela and Shipibo Maestra Soila.

Exchange: €2222,22
Early bird -if signed in and payed before 1 June €1999,99

You can buy your ticket here.

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