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Maori Healers

From the Tuupuna maatua the ancients, began the healing practices that have flourished over the miliniums and these ideologies have been past down as living tools through tribal knowledge, to family knowledge some are closer to the sea others inland, and those in forests, on mountains, why the knowledge changes and so too do the roles.


Where deep tissue bodywork is required romiromi is activated. To Romi is to work (internals; organs, blood, tissue, muscles etc.) Mi is to stimulate te Ha (Breath) within the body to move the obstacles created. Both of these modalities are symbiotic, they live and play hand in hand.

He aha Te Rongomau – What is Healing:

When you are able to hear the universe sing their songs of pain, and hear your own recovery.

Miri Miri:

Miri Miri a context of healing that does not always involve touch. It’s perceptive in it’s delivery, intuitive, in it’s knowing and powerful when one allows it to permeate the body.
When you are able to hear the universe sing their songs of pain, and hear your own road to recovery.

Personal healing sessions from the Maori Healers Atarangi & Bill from New Zealand:

The old Maori tradition has been passed on through the years only to a few special family members. It is a big gift to receive a deep traditional healing from one of them. They will use their humor, elbows, feet, hands, stones, sticks, plants and herbs, sound. As well they use their clear side and knowing. Their knowledge is huge and being passed on for generations.

See the articles on the teachers pages about Atarangi Muru, Manu Korewha, Te Kaha and Wai Turoa Morgan

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