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About Kura Waka

Kura Waka, sacred house of learning [formerly known as Baba Jaga] is located in the North of Holland, in a small village called Roodeschool. Michaela has bought the location, an old school, in 1997 and started to manifest her dream; creating a center for conciousness, personal development and inspiration.

Now for over 20 years Kura Waka brings teachers and students together from all corners of the world. The wisdom of the teachers is transferred through courses, seminars, retreats, meditation, sweat lodges, ceremonies and art forms. Their contribution promotes skill and knowledge about nature, health, communication and sustainability. Awareness, healing and personal growth play an important role.

In 2016 the time called for a next step and the Kura Waka Foundation was established. The goal of the Kura Waka Foundation is to create balance in an energy taking and energy generating world. This balance is created from a loving and caring perspective. We don’t judge, we create conciousness. In this way allowing you to unfold your personal development in your own time. A place to experience, gather, meditate, have ceremony & heal

In order to run your own retreat you can rent Kura Waka.

More about Kura Waka.

Healing Sessions and Rituals by Michaela

Healing Sessions 1.jpg
Healing Sessions 3.jpg
Healing Sessions 2.jpg

Michaela has joined the Te rongopae healing program as well the Kawa Ariki “The Godess returns” training by the Maori healers in New Zealand 2013, and in 2014 at Maui Hawai. During this session she will use techniques to release old trauma on a mental, fysical, emotional, and spiritual level as well on a sexual level. So your energy can flow again.
Michaela has been trained since 1999 by various indiginous traditional healers. She shares her wisdom with passion, humor and light in a earthy way. If you are interested in a Deep Body Healing Session, Holistic or hot stone massage.

Read more: Healing Sessions and rituals by Michaela

Sweatlodge Ceremony

For more then 20 years Michaela has been running sweatlodge ceremonies. If you wish to book a ceremony with your own group and purpose you can contact me and I run it with love and passion.

Read More: Sweatlodge Ceremony

Sweat's Magic the Training

Sweat's Magic.jpg

In this Training i will guide you
Inspire you
To feel the Sacred Relationship
Of Water And Fire
To respect deeply
Our Source

Read more: Sweat's Magic the Training

Maori Healing and Bodywork Course

Maori Healing Course.jpg

2. - 8. September An amazing opportunity to learn from Authentic Maori an Indiginous. 4 day Maori Healing and Bodywork training course.

Read more: Maori Healing

Art for Sale

Spirited art

Pictures printed on aluminum 100x75 cm

Price: 495,-

If you are interested in buying please contact me at

Read more: Art for sale

Chaitra Sadhana


Navaratri Sadhana for Awakening the nine Cosmic Divine Feminine Energies.

Read more: Chaitra Sadhana

Women Sweatlodge Ceremony

The sweatlodge ceremony is an ancient old purification ritual within many indiginous cultures. The most well known is maybe the ones from the North American Indians.

Read more: Women Sweatlodge Ceremony

Shipibo Ceremonies with Soila

In this retreat we will enjoy tradition, sacredness, ceremonies under spirited guidence of Shipibo Meastra Soila and Michaela van der Meer.

Read more: Shipibo Ceremonies with Soila

Garden & Art Project


Te Wenua: Garden of miracles

Garden and art project

This project will be a co-creation of Michaela van der Meer and other spirited helpers.

We wish to transform the garden and create an new outdoor atelier.

Read more: Garden & Art Project

Silent Diet Retreat

Michaela singing to a tree in a Peruvian jungle.

This is a heartfelt invitation to you, to spend time with your Self. To experience inner silence and rest. If you really dare to dive deep into yourself, in order to heal and understand more on every level.
To release what is blocked by trauma, to reset your body, mind and spirit.

Read more: Silent Diet Retreat

Somatic Stress Release

Somatic Stress.jpg

During this retreat Lotte and Melissa will return to Kura Waka to explore different yogastyles, meditations and other movement practices.

Read more: Somatic Stress Release

5Rhythms Dance by Rimke Pepers


 8. - 10. December, Holy Sweat 5 Rhythms dance sweat your prayers retreat conducted by Rimke Pepers.

Read more: 5 Rhythms dance by Rimke Peppers

Rooms for Rent

Rooms for Rent.jpg

Conference rooms for rent 

It is possible to rent Kura Waka and it's facilities.

Read more: Rooms for rent

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