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9. - 19. November 2024

Will you join us on this amazing Journey.....

Back to the Basics Himalayan Sadhana Retreat
Guided by Michaela and Mukesh

Embark on a soul-nourishing journey starting and ending in Rishikesh, the revered yoga capital of the world. Our retreat explores simplicity inspired by Himalayan village life. Immerse yourself in sacred ceremonies like the fire ritual to release egos and fears. Experience the power of mantra chanting, kirtan, and Satsang, uplifting your consciousness towards awareness and truth. Meditate in the serene valleys of the high Himalayas, gaining insights into daily existence. Seek blessings at Lord Shiva's highest shrine in the Garhwal Himalayas, finding inner peace. Cultivate gratitude and contentment, embracing life's simplicity and the present moment. Join us for conscious and positive transformation amidst the majestic Himalayas.

Experience spiritual awakening on our retreat, where every moment celebrates the divine:

• Embark on a journey to Rishikesh, the birthplace of spirituality and Yoga, rich with ancient wisdom.
• Immerse yourself in the sacred Ganga with a purifying holy dip.
• Seek blessings at the highest shrine of Lord Shiva amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayan peaks.
• Marvel at breathtaking Himalayan vistas, each view a glimpse of the divine.
• Participate in sacred rituals in a Himalayan village, connecting with timeless energy.
• Dedicate a day to Sadhana in the tranquil Himalayas, nurturing your soul.
• Engage with locals, exploring rich Himalayan culture and traditions.
• Savor local vegetarian cuisine, a delightful journey for your palate and soul.
• Conclude with a sacred pilgrimage towards consciousness upliftment, a transformative experience.


Day 01: Arrival in Rishikesh – Embark on Your Spiritual Journey
Arrive in the peaceful foothills of the Himalayas and be greeted by the sacred Ganges. Enjoy a calming cup of chai to relax and rejuvenate. In the evening, join us for yoga and a communal dinner, setting the tone for the transformative journey ahead.
Includes: Dinner - Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 02: Immersive Exploration of Rishikesh
Start your day with morning yoga by the Ganges. Explore Rishikesh’s iconic landmarks, including the Laxman Jhula market and suspension bridges. In the evening, witness the Ganges Fire Ceremony and enjoy a delightful dinner at a quaint café.
Includes: Breakfast - Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 03: Journey to the Himalayan Village
Travel to a serene Himalayan village, stopping at the sacred confluence of the Ganges en route. Experience the tranquility of the countryside and the warm hospitality of the villagers. Enjoy body and mind practices, a delicious dinner, and conversations around a fire.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a homestay.

Day 04: Exploring the Simplicity of Village Life
Awaken to birdsong and immerse yourself in village life. Visit the village school and engage with the local community. Share stories and insights over a homemade lunch. Conclude with a music ceremony and meditation, embracing the serenity of village living.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a homestay.

Day 05: Havana (The Sacred Fire Ceremony)
Participate in the Havana, a sacred fire ceremony, releasing egos and fears into the flames. In the evening, join Satsang for mantra chanting and sacred songs at a local temple, followed by a nourishing dinner.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a homestay.

Day 06: Journey to Sari Village
Travel to the enchanting Sari village at the base of a majestic Himalayan Lake. Stop at a sacred temple for prayers. Upon arrival, take a leisurely stroll before enjoying a hearty dinner with local ingredients.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a guest house.

Day 07: Forest Bathing & Meditation at Mystic Himalayan Lake
Begin with an easy hike and meditation by a Himalayan Lake. Experience forest bathing and a meditative journey through the high Himalayan Forest, feeling renewed by the natural beauty.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a glamping camp.

Day 08: Homage to the Highest Shrine of Lord Shiva
Visit the Tungnath Temple, the highest shrine of Lord Shiva, with optional extension to the Ganges Temple at Chandrasilla top. Return to the homestay for a warm welcome and a meal prepared with love.
Includes: All meals - Accommodation at a homestay.

Day 09: Experience the Holy Splashes of the Ganges
Enjoy rafting on the Ganges, feeling the thrill of the rapids. Take holy dips in the river and spend the afternoon exploring Rishikesh’s temples, ashrams, and markets.
Includes: Breakfast and Lunch - Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 10: Rest and Relax in Rishikesh
Dedicate this day to rest and exploration. Visit local markets, the Beatles Ashram, and the Ganges beaches. End with a group farewell dinner, celebrating your journey.
Includes: Dinner - Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 11: Farewell & Future Beginnings
Bid farewell to Rishikesh, carrying the blessings and memories of your transformative journey as you depart for your next adventure.
Includes: Breakfast.

Village Homestay
• The village accommodation is very basic yet clean and hygienic.
• Ground bedding, including sleeping mattresses and necessary bedding items, will be provided.
• Rooms will be shared between 3-4 guests.
• The toilets will be Indian-style and located outside of the sleeping rooms.
• In village homestays, showers will not be conventional. Instead, you will be provided with a bucket of water for showering.

An open mind and heart are essential for this retreat. You are invited to leave behind daily comforts and embrace simplicity. With only the basics provided, you will engage in mindful practices and communal living designed to foster deep connections and self-discovery.

If you wish more feel free to contact me at
or get your Journey booking here.

We are looking forward to guide you on this Spirited Soul Journey,

Michaela and Mukesh

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