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9. - 17. April 2024

Navaratri Sadhana for Awakening the nine Cosmic Divine Feminine Energies.

We celebrate the nine manifested forms of Shakti.
These auspicious days have a higher vibrative energy for spiritual aspects, mostly to rise nine energies within. Each day represents a particular energy. Through mantra and fasting, it can be elevated from our potencial source to manifest form.

We invite you to come and join around that sacred Fire of Kura Waka to co create a sacred circle, we will be chanting, meditating share magic and rise..

What makes the Navaratri so special is that you devote nine days of your time to yourself: to discover your inner world and liberate yourself from old emotional blocks that no longer serve you.

Testimony Sacha Navraratri 2020;

Having no experience with singing mantra's and fasting, I dived fully open into this experience. I was curious to learn more about Devine Femininity and how this connects to my own feminine energy. A theme that I believe is so important in this time, in which we are strongly guided by our masculine energy (achieving goals in our fight or flight modus). In the peaceful silence that follows the singing of the mantra, I got to explore and embrace the different aspects of my feminine side. For me feminine energy includes not only soft aspects as compassions & empathy, but also this Feminine Power that springs from our core. This is where our sexual energy and creativity resides, that want to be unlocked and flow freely.
In the safe environment that Michaela creates with so much love and care, I could peal of layer for layer, transform old emotional pain and feel vulnerable and safe. From this place, I discovered the strength that springs from the Devine Femininity that resides in all of us. It is our essence. The Navaratri experience has a long lasting impact on me, as the changes I set in motion during this nine days, are continuing to work through in my body. It gave me more confidence and tools to deal with future challenges that I will encounter in my daily life. I recommend the Navaratri retreat to all who are longing to break free from old behavior and thinking patterns and discover your deeper self. In the silence you will find your answers. These nine days are a gift to yourself and your environment. Let the journey begin!

We are looking forward to welcome you around the Sacred Fire,
With inspiration, Love and Devotion.

With great respect and Gratitude to Sachhidanandaprem.
Sign in at

Exchange 333,33,- for wood and stay.

Starting Monday 10.00

You can buy your ticket here.

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