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Manu Korewha

Maori healer Manu Korewha

Manu Korewha began his healing journey at a young age, alongside his great great great grandparents in New Zealand's Waipoua forest. He first heard of, and then met, Papa Joe around 1994.

They worked together on many projects such as the spiritual cleansing of land, schools, homes and people. At the invitation of Atarangi Muru, he began traveling with the Maori Healers in 2004.

Manu is Ngaa-Puhi, one of New Zealand's largest tribes, and he can trace his lineage back 89 generations. The Maori Healers are a family unit, they assist people collectively by tapping into the universal lore, which they are well versed in.

The pathway that I follow is not one of my choosing, but a path that I am able to journey. It is also a pathway that others are able to follow if they choose, it is not considered and elusive club where on the chosen go.

Healing is embedded deep within the self. All those who have been, who have come and are yet to be, are the reasons why I follow this pathway.

One of the strongest values we can raise our Whanau, Hapu, Iwi with are values. That the elders are cared for, the parents are the caregivers, and the children are the future.

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