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Somatic Stress Release Year Course

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Spring Retreat
2023 | April 07-09

Price: €495,–
Early Bird: €425,- if booked and paid before March 1st

How we breathe is often an indication of how we feel and how we move through life. It is said that how we breathe is how we live, and so to experience life to its fullest, we believe we should breathe with our full potential. With Breathwork we can change the quality of our breath and thus the quality of our lives. 

The breath is one of the most powerful tools that we have to access the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself and find a state of balance. With Breathwork we can safely lower our stress levels, increase our energy levels, boost our immune system and release old emotions and trauma from our bodies. It can increase self awareness, self love and it can support you to connect to your body and its needs on a deeper level.

In this weekend we will explore different breathing techniques, including the Conscious Connected Breathing technique which is a powerful and safe way to recharge and release. Both working as certified Breathwork coaches Melissa and Lotte will take you on a journey combining their passion for movement and Breathwork to support you in exploring the benefits of this powerful tool. If you have never tried Breathwork before then this is an invitation for you to explore and experience the power of your breath with us in a safe way. If you already have some experience with Breathwork we invite you to dive even deeper and explore those deeper layers.

This weekend is part of our Year Program
‘Stress Release through Body and Breath’
in which we will move through and with the Seasons.
You are welcome to join one or multiple weekends.

Spring Retreat – Breathwork
Summer Retreat – Somatic Movement
Fall Retreat – Fascia Release
Winter Retreat – Breathwork, Somatic Movement & Sweatlodge
(Check out our agenda for dates and info and get €100,- discount on the total price if you join all four weekends)

Our Year Program consists of four weekend retreats at the beautiful retreat center Kura Waka in Roodeschool. Each weekend can be booked separately or you can join us for the whole program. Moving through each season we will work with the fact that we humans are part of nature and that we move and live in cycles and seasons. Every season has its own rhythm, qualities and intentions. If we are able to connect ourselves more into these natural cycles, we are able to let life flow through us even more fluid. 

Every weekend will have its own theme, where the overall focus will be on ways of bringing awareness into our stress and release levels to gain information and to be able to transform if necessary. Because a lot of us carry more stress and tension inside then is healthy for us, which can have a negative effect on our overall health and our ability to enjoy life. In these weekends we will provide you with different tools to release stress from your system and to find more balance in everyday life.

Using body and breath we work with Breathwork, Somatic Yoga & Movement and Fascia Release. All of these are different methods that we can use to lower our stresslevels, optimize our breathing, to release tension from the body, create more mobility and freedom to move, to connect to our bodies more deeply, feel more at home in our bodies and support our overall health and wellbeing.
Join us in this journey through the seasons?

Spring Retreat Schedule:
(may be subject to change)

17.00 Arrival
18.00 Diner
20.00 Breathwork

07.00 Morning Flow
08.30 Breakfast
10.00 Movement & Breathwork
12.30 Lunch
16.00 Inquiry & Breathwork
18.00 Diner
20.00 Breathwork & Singing Bowls

07.00 Morning Flow
08.30 Breakfast
10.00 Breathwork & Closing Session
12.30 Lunch

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Did you know that? 
– It is possible to pay the full amount in installments. Please let us know so we can arrange a payment plan.
– You can ask your employer if she/he can support you in your self-development.

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