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23. May 2025

For all sisters who feel the call to gather around the sacred Fire to co create magic
Within our Sacredness
To heal, pray and celebrate
Let the Godess Rise...

The sweatlodge ceremony is an ancient old purification ritual within many indiginous cultures. The most well known is maybe the ones from the North American Indians. The sweatlodge tradition that Michaela shares is based on the Chippewa-Cree tradition. It has been passed on to her by the Native Elder Ron Evans, and has been experienced as a warm blanket.

Dear Sisters,
This weekend is a co creation of Michaela van der Meer and Janis Komproe in order to bliss up our feminine vibration. On 23 and 25 May you can book massages from Michaela or Janis to relax and unwind. Feel touched and melt away by the concious touch.
Give yourself this present, relax and unwind with warm oil surrounded by nature and the sacred Fire. On 23st of May we will share a cacao Bliss Sound Journey starting 20.00

Feel embraced in the sweatlodge.....
Give yourself this gift of the Sacred space, the time for healing, prayer, blessings, songs, giving thanks to and silence..
Where the stones are our Grandfather and the Water our Grandmother.
They who come together in their sacred love making.
To embrace us in the healing steam
The smell of for ever green.
Welcome in the Circle.

If you feel the call, you can sign up:


23 May: massages By Janis and Michaela
20.00 Start Cacao Bliss Sound Journey guided by Yolanda and Michaela
24 May: Sweatlodge ceremony guided by Michaela
25 May: Massages

Exchange for the sweatlodge 77,-
Cacao ceremony; 55,-
Exchange Massage; 88,- for 90 min.

If you wish to stay an extra night or more before, let us know and we fix you a nice bed. Exchange 55,- p.p. p.n. including breakfast and meals to share to have a spirited time.

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