We invite you on a journey of connection to nourish your body, mind and soul. Diving deep into your own heart, to listen, to explore, to honour and to release. We will start by experiencing the healing power of the cacaoplant during a cacao ceremony. Cacao has the ability to open your heart, to let you experience a deeper connection to yourself and others around you, increase the flow of inspiration and creativity and can provide more mental clarity and inner peace.

Taking our cacao experience to the dancefloor where we will continue our journey into Ecstatic Dance. A form of dance that has been practiced for centuries by different tribes and traditions to achieve a higher state of consciousness. A free form, unstructured dance space where you can allow your body to move freely to the music without any boundaries or judgements. Expressing that what is present inside of us and leaving it all out on the dancefloor.

Continuing our journey the next day to come together in a traditional sweatlodge ceremony, guided by Michaela van der Meer, founder of Kura Waka. The sweatlodge is a place to heal, pray, give thanks and shed the layers that are not serving us anymore. To open up to our true selves, to connect, to transform and to be reminded of our connection to our selves and each other. If you feel like coming together to connect to your self and to others, then please join us on this beautiful journey!


walk in from 17:00 
18:00 diner
19:30 cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance

08:30 breakfast
11:00 sweatlodge ceremony
around 17:00 we will be finished.

Investment: € 155,-
(Includes: your stay, breakfast, unlimited fruit/ tea & btw/vat).
We will all bring some great organic food to share on Sunday after the sweatlodge ceremony.

Cacao Ecstatic 2.jpg