About the workshop;
Womb Wisdom Dance is a form of movement where we bring awareness to our beautiful wise womb. By visualizing, meditating, breathing, writing, sharing and dancing we make contact with our own primal power and creative flow.
Inner search

There is room to explore your own authentic inner truth and wisdom in a sacred safe space. Through the power of a women's circle we break through old patterns, transcend the shadow of women's competition and allow room for every feeling that arise. This workshop is for you if you are looking for more connection with your womb and if you want to explore your own intuitive movements and knowledge.

Boundries; During this workshop you are free to listen to what does and what doesn't feel comfortable for you and honor that completely. It is important to stay true to your own feelings and to be able to give voice to them. You are welcome in any state of being. I look forward to meeting you and to guide you on a beautiful journey.

About Eline;
Dance has always been a big part of my own healing journey. Without dance I wouldn't be where I am today. After graduating from the dance teacher training at the theaterschool in Amsterdam, I discovered in the professional field how much I could bring people into contact with their own bodies in a playful way. It is my motivation to make people feel the wisdom of their own body and how they can honor and respect their own body as much as those of others.

After several travels through Asia and Australia, I practiced yoga, meditation and breathwork on a daily basis. Slowly my work started to shift from dance teacher to healing body work. I use dance as a tool to address and learn to see parts of your own emotional and physical state of being. At the moment mainly with the focus on the womb. A special, sacred organ that for me represents all sexual life energy and creativity. A place where our inner wisdom resides and where we can also store traumas.

I've worked with incredible facilitators in self-expression, dance, emotions, and self-love. Working with these experts gave me so much confidence and understanding of who I am and what I have to offer in this world. And I feel it is time to share my knowledge with you now. If you feel the call, you are more than welcome to join this beautiful gathering.

Practical information;
Time: Starting 7 May at 14.00
Who: Everyone who feels like a woman or a cyclic being
Language: Dutch and/or English

Investment: Pay what you can 135,- / 155, / 175,- / 200,- euro. Includig Workshop, Ceremonies, and Stay at Magical Kura Waka.


Every body brings some Organic food for the feastmeal after the sweatlodge!,

To sign up and for questions/more information, you can send an email to: elinekarstens@live.nl or Michaela at Info@kura-waka.nl

Looking Forward to co create Sacred Feminine Magic.