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Luce Perdreau

Namaste My name is Luce. I would like to invite you to explore some transformative tools that have been, for me, inspirational, deeply healing and totally supportive of my life journey. My intention in sharing about these approaches is that you too might feel inspired to explore their benefits and might have the opportunity to experience some beautiful shifts and greater well-being in your own life. Rooted in wellbeing, I explore practices with a holistic approach that helps the body, the mind and the soul to be healthy & stay connected. Wellbeing is core to an individual’s happiness and inner peace.

Blissful highlights of my Journey so far

Practising and studying Taijiwuxigong, which I first discovered in 2011 came to me through a formation as a Buqi Tuina healer.  At the heart of the Buqi treatment is the healing force of the Dantian, an energy centre located in the lower abdomen.  The activation of the dantian can generate a strong internal force and it is this force that every Buqi practitioner must first learn to find and develop.
       Exercising Taijiwuxigong since 2012, has laid a solid foundation of empowerment to improve my health and happiness, by using and combining my own innate life-force Dantian Force) and the natural forces of the Earth. It helped to bring about a clearer “centredness”, deeper grounding and direction for my other healing explorations, as well as keeping me strong upon my Path.
       My heart is full of happiness and the joy to share with others in group sessions, feeling our “together” energy grow, is always a blissful moment of love and gratitude.

My next significant discovery brought other important changes in shifting my whole life. The introduction to Sophrology and it’s significance as a tool for consciousness and awakening to more of our potential was a significant part of my development. Studying sophrology further opened my eyes and heart shining a light for a clearer direction to the inner connection… my life Path. How to stay in touch with our own self, keeping the balance between the mind, the body, the emotions and the soul, and how to really live our true feelings facing our emotions in a mindful approach. Sophrology lies at the heart of Luce’s holistic approach to life with its values of Unity, Inner Balance, Peace, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Expansion of Consciousness.

Furthermore, I decided to go deeper on my path to awakening. I wished I had received earlier in my childhood the tools to face changes and tough situations in life. When I came across a video “Sitting still like a frog” by Eline Snel, an introduction to her method called AMT, mindfulness meditation for children and their parents. I was eager to learn about Mindfulness-the quality of attention that combines full awareness with acceptance of each moment, just as it is. The method adapted by Eline Snel was based on the MBSR developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I signed in for the 8 weeks MBSR program and since then meditation entered my life and became vital as eating and drinking. Expanding our space of breathing, focusing our attention and enjoying the present moment, this is how we take care of our Self, a priority that is vital for building resilience toward those stressors in life that we can’t eliminate.

The Water Element
“Spiritually the Water Element is about cultivation of wisdom while facing our deepest fear.”

I wasn’t aware that my intuition was leading me to heal my own Self when I registered for the level 1 training to become a Janzu practitioner. In the water everything is different, I had lost my points of reference, my anchor was my breathing. I received the teachings and at the same time a gift, I overcame my fears, my blockages and felt like… rebirthed.
Amazingly, Janzu’s nickname is the “Rebirth therapy”.

I found the joy to work in the water deeply therapeutic, rewarding, so uplifting. Here was the harmony to soothe and feed my soul.


During a conference in 2017, I was told that I was born in the Lung meridian the meridian that controls Breath and Energy, the shadow meridian was the Kidney meridian. I then realized that the shift that happened in my life when I decided to change my professional orientation was not a coincidence, I only followed my intuition… I followed my Heart.
Through the development and the combination of those healing approaches, my aim is to offer the best personal development tools to people on the journey of self-discovery, expansion and most importantly… deep loving kindness.

I love to share and my intention is to help empower others with these healing tools for mind, body, heart and soul.

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