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5. - 7. May 2023

By Mongolian Shamanca Bulgan Windhorse

Healing is happening not for you but it happens within you. It is a process of becoming “The healing”.


The spiritual ability of Knowingness of ours always leads and guides us to the path of Self-healing.
~ Bulgan Windhorse~

For whom are these 1/5 days of teachings?

These supportive days of teachings are specifically designed for those who are looking for more support on their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing journey.

Are you having a feeling of a lack of information and support for your healing journey?

Are you struggling with the different healing techniques?

What does Self-healing mean for you, and how do you understand this truly?

The affirmation of “I believe in my healing” or” I can heal myself”… Do you really believe it deep down in your healing or “You just know it”, but cannot find a way to understand it easier for your mind?

How to find the right balance and maintenance in the journey?
How do you know that you are doing it right… etc.?

During these 1/5 days, you will receive guidance and responses to all your possible healing questions during your individual path of self-healing.

2. Shamanic Educational meditation

What is Shamanic Educational meditation?

Knowing: 'what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why you are doing it"
A very good instant healing technique and a great exercise for your spiritual practice of working through your awareness, perception, and intention.

Every individual on this Planet, have to have this original knowledge.
1/5 hour of guided meditation with music and 30' explanation.

On Sunday You can book private sessions with Bulgan Windhorse

A private session takes 45 min. and the exchange is 95,-

All this income will be donated to Soilá's dream to build her center in Peru

This is true Sisterhood.

Exchange: 225,-
Starts: Friday, 16:00

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