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27. December - 1. January 2023

Where We gather around the Sacred Fire... Celebrating Sacred Simplicity

In these Amazing Days i feel blessed to invite you to gather around the Sacred Fire and offer your food to the Gods.

We will have daily rituals and meditation
To contemplate
And Rise our Spirit

You can book massage sessions every day by Michaela.

27. Dec. gathering at 20.00 opening Ritual
28. Dec. Mediation guided Michaela, and the evening we will have a Singing Circle guided by Marietta Rust
29. Dec. meditation and ritual
30. Dec. meditation, and in the evening cacao Sound Journey guided by Michaela and Yolanda
31. Dec. contemplation ritual relax be in Silence consciously leaving the old, receiving what wishes to unfold in peace and quiet by the sacred Fire by Michaela to fully shake loose and celebrate ecsatic the new year dance wave... guided by...

looking forward gather and Be with You all.
More info at

Exchange full retreat; 777,77 including Spirited Stay, Organic Bliss Meals, massage, sauna, mediatations, rituals, cacao and sining circle.

In Bliss and Respect

You can buy your ticket here.

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