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During this retreat week there’s just one thing that Brahman Menor does….and that is share his energy….nothing more and nothing less…..

Men and women feel unconditional love and acceptance because of this energy field. This creates a safe bedding for everyone to open up and surrender.

The breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations, darshans and other exercises are transformative in their simplicity. It’s the loving guidance of Brahman that will help you surpass your own boundaries and experience what you’ve been looking for.

It’s not just the exercises themselves, it’s the way Brahman guides you away from your mind and into your heart where you will truly feel and experience what the exercises are about.

This journey from your mind to your heart that you will experience with confidence, conviction, love and mostly trust, will lay a foundation within you for change.

This openness and trust that you will experience will help you receive Source Energy Brahman Menor facilitates during the entire retreat. This Source Energy will build up during the retreat and there’s no other way for you than to open up and recognize what you truly are.

In other words, receive your enlightenment experience in any way possible.

This recognition of what you truly are on top of the love, trust and surrender you will experience will enhance your foundation for change even more.

To top things off, you will also receive the pranic living transformation. This means that all your cells and DNA will be reconditioned to be able to live without food and water. This experience of ultimate freedom and experiencing something you never thought possible will open you up in ways you never thought possible before.

If you cannot this retreat the next will be:

 14. - 26. October 2022