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In this ceremonial retreat we will enjoy Musical devotion, sacredness and a deep dive into ourselves and other realms with guidance of the Plant kingdom, in order to pray, become more concious, to learn to listen, surrender, heal, To feel....  Be    Love

Eduardo Carvalho is a musician with 25 years of experience. Four years ago he started his spiritual adventure with sacred medicine plants. The work started by going trougth his own process of healing by doing ceremonies in The Netherlands and dieting in Peru. On this journey it was clear that his music skill and vibration would become his new life path. At that time he was invited to tour Europe and Peru doing ceremonies with a 'Mestizo' shaman. After an extensive process of retreats the time came to part ways with his shaman and than he embarked on a self healing journey with Shipibo lineage shamans doing dietas in Peru with different curanderos. Three years he took a 'curandero initiation course' by the ayahuasca foundation at the inkan kena plant medicine school in Iquitos dieting master plants and learning all of what entails leading an ayahuasca ceremony. He worked as well at the Plant healing retreat center in Peru 'Temple of the way of light' as a facilitator and working closely with the curanderos and participants. The personal approach to the work can be varied in between icaros from different lineages, plus the medicine songs and several different types of instruments and frequencies. All done with love and care.

Thank you.

Exchange; €395,- including 2 ceremonies, spirited stay and organic bliss meals.

Sign in; info@kura-waka.nl

About Michaela; From 1999 on Michaela has been joining many courses and educations. She is a healer as well Vision Quest and Sweatlodge leader. Various indiginous medicine people have crossed her path, and shared their wisdom. Throughout this deep awakening she felt a deep longing and made the promise to Norma Panduro to keep the ceremonies alive, for the future generations.

In the center Kura Waka she organises workshops with national and international teachers. She runs sweatlodges, Silent Diets, Sweatlodge leader Training, Vision Quests, Rituals, Fasting retreats and Deep Body Healing workshops at Kura Waka as well where invited.

Michaela: "Nature is my greatest teacher". I live and manifest my dream in my center Kura Waka. In contact with my passion, and all the wisdom that i received from various indiginous medicine people, I love to share this wisdom with those who feel the call.