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19. - 21. January 2024

BLOSSOMING FEMININITY provides vedic healing methods for the well-being of body, mind, emotion, sexuality, inner energy, cognizing, and connecting and soul for women. As we are disconnected from our authentic femininity and true power by many external issues, we are not able to nourish our being and have a blissful life. Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin offers an opportunity to embrace your true nature and to manifest the goddess within – free, unfettered, and wholesome. He shares the methods to rediscover the sacredness of their female bodies and energies, and the absolute possibility to heal from the mind-emotion-soul damaging and traumatic experiences.


These vedic methods allow you to enter the depths of the subconscious to heal conscious and unconscious painful memories of traumas and crucial events in life as well releasing away the issues on the level of physical, psychological, and emotional. You also learn simple practical lessons of ancient tantra-vidya for the significant experience of love with harmony to a connection with your beloved and creating greater well-being in your relationship. As well you learn the tools to explore love, intimacy, and orgasm in its higher expression.


The session consists of two different modules:

Module I

1. Group and personal consultation

2. Releasing the negativity from yoni, naval, heart, mind, and emotion

3. Tantric dance for acceptance and openness

4. Breathing and meditative practices for: loving yourself, embodying your sexual energy, opening your heart for a true relationship


Module II

1. Recognizing the inner feminine strength

2. Receiving the healing and empowering energy

3. Manifesting the inner potentialities & blossoming the mystic feminine within

Exchange: 222,22

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