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4 Hands Massage, Ritual, Meditation Retreat

4 Hands Massage.jpg

15. - 17. December 2023

Touching the soul.

Melt away by the fire as four hands dance over your body.
Four hands that invite you to a place of serene silence and tranquility in your body.

A ceremony of touches, like a dream journey full of pleasures, in which everyday stress and tensions disappear and give way to a beneficent experience of universal love.

Healing hands, with the knowledge of many grandmothers, will carry you and move you by touching the soul. Lifted by the warmth and attention of two wise women who are going to take you away from the pain, away from the judgment. To a state of mind where is no right or wrong, only BEING.

Connecting you to whom you in essence are, an awareness where everything may be as it is and nothing needs to change.
Without words, timeless, a healing sensation.
A divine experience.

You can book a session at 10.00 or 14.00 or 17.00.
We will start Friday 15 Dec. 20.00 with a mediation.

Exchange for the whole weekend 333,33.
Starting Friday
including meditation a 2 hour session, meditations, sauna, spirited stay and organic meals.

If you love more Info or you wish to book your session;

We are looking forward to share this precious time with you,
Michaela and Helmy Helmink.

You can buy your ticket here.

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