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This Weekend is about your true inner connection which you can find with inspiration of the Spirit Dance Waves and the Sweatlodge.

We offer the chance to really take the Weekend to explore inner dimensions and enjoy the finest sounds of the world in the Dance Wave. We will begin with Breathwork at 10:00, Session One for introduction and later Session Two and energetic cleansing in
preparation for the Weekend.

There will be an introduction by Dj Tri-be and Michaela for guidance of your experience of the Weekend and the Dance. We will dance in the ecstatic dance tradition with barefoot and without any substances and in a free form dancing. We offer safe environment for expression and spiritual progression. Guidelines will be introduced in event.
You are free to dance as you like here.

Dance Waves start at 16:30 until 19:00. Day one will also have the option to have an Ice-bath after the Ecstatic Spirit Dance Wave. Starting 19:30 until 20:00.
Please book this upfront, so we can prepare.

Day Two consists of a Morning Breathwork Session for preparation and then the Sweatlodge by Michaela. After the Sweatlodge there will be some healing sounds played by Dj Tri-be for 1 hour for anyone needing to rest and chill out. Namaste.

Exchange 425,- Including Organic Food Stay Ice bath, Breath work session and Sweatlodge ceremony.

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