Sweatlodge ceremony

Attending a sweatlodge ceremony by Michaela is possible.
if you wish to organize a sweatlodge ceremony with Michaela at Kura Waka or elsewhere feel welcome to contact her.

The sweatlodge ceremony is an ancient old purification ritual within many indiginous cultures. The most wel known is maybe the ones from the North American Indians.

The sweatlodge tradition that i share is based on the Chippewa-Cree tradition, been passed on to me by the Native Elder Ron Evans, and has been experienced as a warm blanket.

Feel embraced in the sweatlodge

Sacred space

Time for healing, prayer, blessings, songs, giving thanks

Where the stones are our Grandfather and the water Grandmother

They who come together in their sacred love making

To embrace us in the healingsteam

The smell of for ever green

Welcome in the Circle