Reino van der Velde

About: Reino van der Velde [1969]

Owner of ‘NUNQUI soulcoaching’, is a strong woman who develops her potential with complete surrender. She shares her gifts with the world in her unique way; a deepening wisdom of plant medicine work, dance and coaching.

Reino is a qualified coach since 2012. She is a certified TPL-coach, transformational presence & leadership, and Soul Body Fusion Practitioner.

The last 8 years she studied [under a wide palet of shamans and curandero’s] the Healing Plants of the Amazonian rainforest. It allowed her to get back in touch with and fully embrace the gifts with which she was born. The healing rituals of the Shuar people have her special interest and she studies intensely under the guidance of Shuar Uwishin Miguel Chiriap.

Reino has studied Media Design and Photography at Art Academie Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands [1991 – 1995). She portrait people in every day life. Knocked on doors of strangers asking them if she could come in and portrait them in their homes. Made a series of portrais about gypsies. Traveled around Iceland for 3 months to make a series of portrais of people she met along the way. It was all about visualizing the lightbridges between different worlds, about the heart-connection.

She has a love for athletics. During and after her study, from ’91-’98, she worked as a sports- and aerobic instructrice at gyms. Now the focus lies more on yoga.

In ’95 she fell passionatly in love with Argentine Tango and has been a dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango for 16 years. During this period she focused on body awareness and body methodologies  to discover the body and allow soul to fully inhabit the body. Opening oneself up to be present in the moment, teaches you not only to embrace and be fully present in Tango but in the dance of life in general. During these years she was also organizing Argentine Tango events. Although she stopped dancing and teaching (due to injuries) in 2011, she prolonged organizing these events until may 2014.

To keep the creative batteries charged and to make ends meet she worked both in the Art world and in Corporate Communication. Since 2006 she has been working in corporate environments as a senior online consultant and projectmanager. She is a firm believer that you create and support change from the inside out.

After returning from a secund Natemamu ritual in Ecuador with the Shuar in Januari 2013, she decided to take a break from the business world, to study and live with the Shuar for a longer time.

In september 2014 she started NUNQUI soulcoaching, a practice for coaching and healing. Besides sharing her own gifts and talents, Reino also organizes workshops, ceremonies, journeys and trainings with inspiring teachers and healers from arround the world. In our process of deeply and intimatly getting to know ourselves we often need to be ‘touched’ by different people.

In her life she has met and learned from many wonderfull [both western and traditional] dancers, healers, seers, wisdomkeepers and shamans. Amongst them are teachers that have shed a special light on her path: Gustavo Naveira, Peruquois, Wilbert Alix, Wai Turoa Morgan [Maori], Marc Blausten, Maraákame Don Toño [Wirakuta], Uwishin Miguel Chiriap [Shuar], Onanya Ainbo Celestina [Shipibo], Alan Seale, Jonette Crowley [Soul Body Fusion], QM Maash T’Amm Amen [Het Heru Healing Dance], Lesley Myburgh [La Gringa]…

“Dearest to my heart are the healing and cleansing rituals of the Shuar, working with the plant medicines Natem and Tsaank (Tobacco) and the Sacred Fire. Especially the visits to the Amazon of Ecuador are and have been intense learning experiences and of life-changing significance. The Shuar helped holding the space so my own path with these powerful healers could surface. For that i am deeply grateful.”

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