Karlijn Scheffers

My name is Karlijn Scheffers.

I see life as a journey. A journey in which we are invited to become more and more of who we really are. Layers of "who we are not" peel off. Slowly but surely the beautiful heart may speak and we can rely more deeply on our inner knowledge, intuition and compass. With a lot of passion, love and dedication I guide people to their hearts, so that life can unfold from here.
My own heart has had no voice for a long time. I lived a life adapting to my environment. Very eager to do good for others and thereby increasingly moving away from my own essence. My life was mainly based on willpower and ambition. Because of this I have achieved a lot but my soul called me to order at a relatively young age. She wanted to live instead of survive!

Willpower and ambition were exchanged for relaxation and especially fun. I started to follow my inner flow more and more and this made my life more free, more beautiful and above all more joyful. 

I wish everyone a life worth living! A life based on passion, inner joy, connection and inner knowing. A life that is about growth, transformation and inspiration.

In my work as a coach and facilitator I reconnect people with their own heart and inner fire. I do this through sharing, movement, emotional healing and inner child work, bodywork, trans travel with the drum, silence, meditation, constellations, intuitive reading, visualisation, creativity and rituals.

Our inner fire is our engine. If it is allowed to burn again, you are unstoppable to realise your own dreams and desires. Give your unique gift back to the world and live the life that is meant for you.

More information about me and my work you can find on my website: www.karlijnscheffers.nl

With love, 


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