Free spirit year course

Especially in changing times, let’s remember that we are free.

Free Spirit – self initiation retreats @ Magical KURA WAKA

Especially in changing times, let’s remember that we are free.

In Free Spirit retreats we initiate ourselves into different aspects to become more real, whole and free. It is all about experiencing freedom - in yourself, in your body and in connection with others. We come together to remember and honor our free spirit. We will meet with elders from different wisdom traditions to remember our true nature.

The retreats will take place in spirited center Kura-waka, a sacred house of learning, in the north of the Netherlands. For over 20 years teachers, elders and wisdom keepers from all over the world visited this place to share their sacred wisdom and teachings with Michaela and many other people that visited the place.

Free Spirit – Year Programme September 2020 – June 2021
In the year programme we dive deep into ourselves to release the free spirit from within.

Every season we gather for a weekend to initiate ourselves into a different element and into different aspects of ourselves to become more real, whole and free.
Every weekend retreat is an initiation by itself. We work with sacred rituals, the elements, movement practices, bodywork, music and healing tools. Every weekend we dive deeper and deeper into our own essence
** 1st weekend: Autumn September 4th-6th 2020
Earth / Roots / Ground; This weekend we will start from where we are, getting to know ourselves, our roots and each other. Together with elder Goncha Garzia Allen and Bernard Kilicheeny from new Mexico we will explore the element of earth.
• Arriving, sharing & connecting with each other
• Getting to know ourselves better
• Grounding ourselves
• Connecting with our roots and with the earth.
• Locate where you are and set your intentions for the year
• Self initiation rituals
• Traditional sweat lodge ceremony with Concha & Bernard.
Goncha and Bernard will take us on a journey into ourselves.
They will take us into a journey with ancient sounds, memories
and ancient scents. They will clarify our visions and allow our
own well of ancient wisdom and knowledge. We will dive
deeper into our wombs, into our base. Find more information
about Goncha here: http://spirited.kura-

** 2nd Weekend: Winter December 11th-13th 2020
Fire / Shadow / Release: In the second weekend we will gather around the sacred fire and explore our inner world and shadow parts. We will offer fire rituals in order to let go of the parts that no longer serve us.
• Diving deep into ourselves
• Who are we really?
• Shadow work
• Exploring boundaries and expressing ourselves
• What is burning inside and wants to come out?
• Fire rituals
• Experience the power of silence and rituals

** 3rd Weekend: Spring March 26th-28th 2021
Soft / Subtle / Silent: The third weekend is about the air element and life force energy. When spring is coming all life starts to come back to life and blossom again. We will breathe fresh energy into our being.
• Cleansing the body, mind and spirit
• Working with the subtlest energies in life – air and ether
• We will spend a day fasting in total silence
• We breath new energy into our essence
• We will explore the medicine of sound and vibration chanting
• We will open our hearts doing breathing exercises and practices
to get the prana (energy) moving
• We will finish the weekend with heart songs and sharings

** 4th Weekend: Summer June 25th-27th 2021
Freedom / Flow / Expression: In this last weekend you will notice that something has shifted during the year programme. You will see parts of yourself transformed embodying more of the free spirit that you are. In this last weekend we will bring everything together in flow and harmony exploring the element of water.
• Expressing yourself in freedom and flow
• Diving deep into the inner waters
• Celebrate and free flow our emotions
• Experience freedom in moving the body
• Integration and next steps
• Sharing and closing ritual
• For the ones interested: more information on sacred diets,
rituals and traditional plant medicine ceremonies

What’s included:
• A magical time at Kura Waka
• Delicious organic meals
• Every morning there will be kundalini yoga classes (for all levels)
at 6.00. You are welcome to join, but also free to skip if this
does not resonate with you.
• Being together with a group of like-minded open hearted soul
family brothers & sisters
• Experience the support and inspiration in the tribe

No experience is needed for any of the practices, everybody can join with every background and level of experience, we are open to each and everyone and everyone is invited with an open heart and loving soul.
You start from where you are and you decide what is your intention and/or goal(s) for this year of personal development, growth and initiation. We honor every stage of development. Each one of us is at his or her unique point in their lives and we can all learn and grow together.

We are holding space for you. Creating a safe and loving container where you can unfold and go deep. We love this work and strongly believe in the power of tribe, co-creation and group processes. We will be there to support, inspire, and uplift you. Whenever, wherever, honoring your unique precense.

Energy exchange:
• Free Spirit - year programme (4 weekend retreats): €1.499 euro*
* Get a taste of the magic you can expect in the year programme during the introduction weekend in juni. In this weekend we will
explore coming together and getting to feel into the vibe, the venue and each other. Check our facebook event for more information.

To register please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Once your payment is completed you are official registered for the introduction weekend or year programme. If you are not able to pay the full price, you can pay in terms.
If you have any further questions or want more information, please e-mail us or contact Anne Olree (06-24807406) or Michaela van der Meer (06-27561065)

Free Spirit team
• Co-creation of Michaela, Anne, Karlijn, Jantien & Sanja
• Facilitators guiding the programme, sessions and rituals: Michaela van der Meer & Anne Olree
• Support team during the weekends: Karlijn Scheffers & Jantien de Bood

What do you want to do ?
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What do you want to do ?
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